Jen Slocumb has a voice so serene that she could sing an angel to sleep. Her husband, Rob, possesses a delicate velvet touch that is as tender and innocent as the heart of purity. Together, Jen and Rob render music that blossoms with the gentle elegance of a prayer.
— Allen Foster - AXS Contributor


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The clamor and shouting are over, yet they buzz in the eardrum like a lingering memory. Outside, couples still high on the music laugh and call out in the cool evening. But inside the mood fades. A bartender swipes a damp towel across shiny wood. A lone figure coils amplifier cords on stage. She hunches over a robin’s egg blue suitcase as she works, her platinum faux-hawk standing at attention. She is Jen Coates-Slocumb, a woman of one-thousand haircuts, a singer of a thousand songs, a dreamer of one thousand dreams, lead vocalist for the Alabama-based Martha’s Trouble. The crowd screamed for her.



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