I want to be a writer 
but my hand won’t pen the words 
It’s hard to break free of the struggles 
You can’t understand 

My daily inner struggle 
To be more than what I am 
It’s like taking a leap 
without a safe place to land 

Who am I to you 
Will someone come and find me 
I’m waiting for a clue 
I’m waiting for an answer 
Who am I to you 

I never have decided 
Why this fear won’t let me go 
Why am I holding onto things I can’t control 
So I’ll sit in silence 
and figure out just who I am 
I’ll close my eyes and try not to let judgement stand 


why am I holding back 
why am I waiting here 
My head is filled with 
lies I told myself for so many years 

Words & Music
Rob & Jen Slocumb