Prayer For a Broken Heart

How can a man take the life of man

This is something that we all don't understand

Now that girl and her mother are gonna have to live without him

It shouldn't have to be this way for them

Say a prayer for the broken heart who's left to carry on 

We're all hurting for you, you've got a nation standing strong

And the choir will be singing all across the land

Mama hold your little girl and we'll hold your hand

One woman broken, a part of her in gone

but for the sake of their daughter she's strong

Oh, I know that you loved him but he'll be alright

He's flying with the angels tonight


That little girl is gonna know her daddy loved her so 

but now he's been taken, won't get to see her grow


Charlene hold your little girl 

Words & Music
Rob & Jen Slocumb