Place I Want To Be

Realizing what I've got, I'm measuring for truth and tying the knot

That we once had. Nothing can break us apart I'm overcome

I'm barely surviving what have we become

Caught up in tears, laughter and years gone away

If love will keep us alive then lets let love decide


I'm safe in your arms

I never want to leave

The place where I run

The place I want to be

We're looking up at the stars and wondering how we got this far

I don't recognize the pages in our story of life, let the cards decide

Or seize the day and hold on tight

We once were dreamers, it's all smoke and mirrors now

I'm picking up the pieces, don't want this to be us


It's not too late to change

I'm tired of playing the game

Let the chips fall where they may

Words & Music
Rob & Jen Slocumb