Everything Changed

I got up the courage to make that call

I couldn't believe I was ready

My heart so full, imaging you

Trying to picture you 40 years later

So I gathered my thoughts and I took a deep breath

And I opened my heart to it all.....I made that call

And everything changed

Like flipping on a light bulb 

Like finding out my life holds so much more

Everything changed

When I least expected it

Theres not a single part that I regret

Now that everything changed

You said hello my darlin

When you picked up the line

Your voice it was oh so familiar

No more wanting and wondering 

Looking over my shoulder

The picture of you now is clearer

So I'm sharing my thoughts

no more holding my breath

Oh you opened your heart to it all

You took my call


I missed all those moments

and lessons in life

I missed having you as my hero

A lifetime of questions

changed on a dime

I'm finally finding the healing

Words & Music
Rob & Jen Slocumb, Jen Smith