Everyday Love

Sometimes I feel like being alone 
Where my thoughts are my own 
and I’ve got room to breathe 

But you open my eyes 
to the love thats inside 
you’re the one that lets me be me 

So take all that I have 
I don’t want to stand in this world on my own 
I’ll give all that I am 
Nothing is better than being with you 
It’s my everyday love 
You’re my everyday love 

It’s hard to admit when your wrong 
and you’ve fallen short 
from the person that you thought you’d be 

But you don’t seem to care 
you are so aware 
of the on that I am honestly 


And if I should fall apart in silence 
maybe this time I’ll believe 
that I’m better off when I am on my knees 
oh please.....

Words & Music
Rob & Jen Slocumb