Come Back To Me

Rainy days just aren't the same

The wind blows I hear your name

Hard to look the other way

Hard to hide how my heart aches

I'm longing to be with you 

I'm lonely without you

It's fall in Alabama I still can't let you go

Another season of my life wishing you were by my side

There's not a day that goes by I think about you all the time

….Come back to me

Hard to live in this small town

I know you have your own life now

Believe in second chances

Believe in happy endings

Cause baby I wanna be with you

Oh darlin you're my dream come true

You were the love of my life

You were the day, I was the night

Now that you're gone I'm not the same

Wish I could start all over again

Come back to me....

Words & Music
Rob & Jen Slocumb